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Why you should book your relocation with us?

  • moving companies from all over the European Union
  • comprehensive international moving
  • relocation of apartments, houses and households
  • relocation of companies, enterprises and offices
  • relocation of production lines and machines
  • NONSTOP moving, 24 hours a day
  • assembly and disassembly of furniture during moving
  • moving vans from 3.5t to 24t
  • we supply all packaging material
  • immediate response to requests

Order Moving machines, lines or equipment Ireland

machines, lines moving

Machines, lines moving

Would you like to arrange professional and high-quality moving services the Republic of Ireland, and are you looking for a professional moving company?

Are you looking for expert and professional moving of machinery or production lines the Republic of Ireland and searching for a reliable company to provide such services? Do you want to relocate machines, lines or entire plant sites? Would you like to relocate machines from the Republic of Ireland or vice versa to the Republic of Ireland? Do you need to move heavy, oversized machinery, complex production lines, or entire companies?

We have the experience and skills

This kind of moving operation is frequently a very complex and demanding process requiring experience, knowledge and organisational and logistical skills. Our international franchise company EXTRA SERVICES can offer you these skills in the Republic of Ireland and the surrounding area. We will arrange comprehensive services when moving your machines or machinery, presses, CNC machines or assembly lines. We can move and transport ships, aeroplanes and historical equipment.

Experts on the job

We are adequately equipped and have experienced professionals who can handle any situation when moving oversized equipment and items. Our service includes providing all the equipment, tie-down straps designed for this type of removal, and packing materials. We can even arrange for the de-installation and subsequent installation of the machines to their original condition. Use our order form, and please wait for a call from our expert technicians.

Radius of our services

Our international company EXTRA SERVICES provides comprehensive services not only in the Republic of Ireland but also while moving to the Republic of Ireland, from the Republic of Ireland or around the Republic of Ireland! We don't offer the cheapest relocation the Republic of Ireland; however, we provide professional, reliable and quality services by true experts. Before ordering the shipping and handling services we provide, please see our moving prices (see price list moving Ireland).

Other services offered


Are you looking for a company that can arrange other professional services in addition to moving from our international franchise network EXTRA SERVICES? Would you like to arrange fast and quality clearing services? Request our clearing services. Would you like to arrange reliable cleaning services from experienced workers? Request our cleaning services. Are you interested in professional and high-quality craftsman services or work performed by skilful and skilled craftsmen? Request our craftsman services.


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