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International franchise network

We are an international franchise network providing services to citizens, businesses and institutions in all EU countries. We arrange services we all use most often in our daily lives. Through the efforts of the franchisees and partners of the EXTRA SERVICES network, we arrange and provide relocation, clearing and cleaning services, washing, cleaning, and craftman services and works throughout the EU. Such services are needed in every household, business or company. We bring together and connect thousands of movers, carriers, cleaning companies and craftsmen from all over Europe to deliver our services to our clients on an expert and professional level.
  • relocation of apartments, houses and households
  • relocation of companies, enterprises and offices
  • relocation of production lines and machines
  • clearing out apartments, basements and attics
  • clearing out and liquidation of estates (inheritance)
  • clearing out warehouses and company premises
  • regular and one-off clean-ups
  • cleaning of apartments, houses and offices
  • cleaning of windows, doors and display cases
  • craftsman and construction services and works
  • painting of apartments, houses and offices
  • assembly of furniture, kitchens and decorations