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Why should you order our craftsmen's services?

  • skilled workers from all over Europe
  • assembly, crafts and construction work
  • painting of apartments, houses and offices
  • assembly of furniture, kitchens and decorations
  • replacement of kitchen tops, sinks and faucets
  • painting od fences, terraces and garden houses
  • maintenance of greenery, mowing grass and hedges
  • reconstruction of apartments and housing units
  • technical maintenance of households and companies
  • fast implementation of your orders

Order Plaster Ireland



Would you like to arrange professional and fast craftsmen's services the Republic of Ireland, and are you looking for an experienced and reliable company to arrange such services the Republic of Ireland? Do you want to arrange for new plastering or have plastering in your flat, house or any of your abodes and homes the Republic of Ireland or around Republic of Ireland renovated, and are you looking for a capable, reliable and top-quality provider of such services? Our professionals and handymen from the international franchise network EXTRA SERVICES will draft and apply your new plaster just as you want. We will design, advise, supply and apply any plaster, whether coarse or fine lime plaster, interior or exterior plaster, stucco, spread, trowel, textured, dry or remedial plaster. We can provide specialised work in applying any plaster the Republic of Ireland and around and anywhere outside the territory Republic of Ireland. We will take care of everything, both the Republic of Ireland and throughout the surrounding area of Republic of Ireland, including thoroughly cleaning the entire home once the work is done.

Radius of our services

EXTRA SERVICES is the largest international company providing all crafts, assembly and professional manual work not only in the Republic of Ireland but also in the territory of the entire European Union! We do not offer the cheapest craft services and works the Republic of Ireland; however, we offer professional, expert and high-quality services carried out by true experts. Please check our prices for craftsman services before ordering our services (see price list crafts Ireland).

Other services offered


If you are interested, we can also arrange other professional services in addition to craftsman services provided by our international franchise network EXTRA SERVICES? Would you like to arrange fast and quality moving services? Request our moving. Would you like to arrange reliable clearing services from experienced workers? Request our clearing. Would you like to arrange reliable cleaning services carried out by skilled workers? Request our cleaning services.


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